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Ministry Referred Services

Westcoast Family Centres Society continues to foster a strong partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) working towards delivering inclusive, culturally respectful, responsive and accessible serves to support the well-being of children, youth and families. The following services are provided by referral only.


Preservation & Reunification

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Family Preservation & Reunification

This program provides support for families with low to moderate risks referred by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Our highly skilled staff work closely with parents and/or caregivers to provide goal-oriented home based services to prevent out of home placements and reduce risks within families. These services include assessment and integrated service planning to address needs to ensure the safety of the child(ren). Often families are linked to formal and informal community support and resource; attain Doula services; or attend parenting groups that focus on core parenting skills and education. Cases primarily include clients facing domestic violence, addiction and mental health concerns.


The Aboriginal Intensive Family Preservation and Reunification

This program aims to increase safety and permanency for Aboriginal children; providing support as a preventative measure as well as reunification when the children have been placed out of the home. The service is 6 - 9 months in duration, with the option of extension. Our staff work collaboratively with the families to provide support and create developing goals and activities to assist in reducing risks and strengthening families.

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Specialized Individual Therapeutic Intervention

This program is provided to children, youth, and families receiving Family Preservation and Reunification services or are with Continuing Custody Order status. This service is provided by a Clinical Counsellor or Therapist and made in consultation with the Ministry social worker and Family Counsellor. The intervention includes one-to-one support on specified goals.

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Home Support Services

Our Homemaking: In-home services program is accessed by families where an instrumental level of intervention is required, or in emergency cases and other concrete services have not been sufficient to address the needs identified. The home support worker supports families or caregivers to maintain or improve the family functioning to preventing out-of-home care. Interventions include childcare on an interim basis, parental involvement in professional services, assistance with concrete tasks, skill-based training focusing on home management and parenting.

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Family Development Response Program

This program provides short-term intensive services to families who have identified as being in need of intervention due to concerns for the child’s safety and well-being. Our staff work with the family and MCFD to develop goals and activities to assist in reducing the risks identified. This program is offered in Ridge Meadows and focuses on cases addressing trauma, self-care, mental health and addiction.

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Crisis Intervention Services

This program is an intensive short-term service with the aim to prevent child(ren) from entering into Ministry care. This service works directly with the family to address the immediate and pressing risk factors in the family and within the home environment.


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Co-Parenting Counselling

A new service funded by MCFD, this program provides support to families where high-conflict or challenging behaviors are negatively affecting the children during or after separation and divorce, undergoing Family Law proceedings. Our co-parenting family counsellors offer a unique service designed to address complex family issues through individualized service plans based on the best interest of the child. Service delivery is 8-12 weeks with the possibility of extension.

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Co-Parenting Program

Co-parenting after a divorce is rarely easy. We offer a 6-week comprehensive program to help parents learn about the experience of separation/divorce for children. This program is offered to both Ministry and non-Ministry clients, participants will increase their understanding of the developmental needs of children for self-esteem and security as well as build on strategies to improve communication, resolve conflict and manage day to day stress.

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Supervised Visitation Program

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Supervised Visitation Program

This program provides a safe, neutral, and child-focused setting for visits between a child and non-custodial parent or other family member to occur. Access visits are provided by highly trained staff who are sensitive to the needs of the children, support the visit, and report factual observations. In some cases, the worker will engage in therapeutic support with the family and provide interventions during the visit to reach their family goals.

Child and Youth Services

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Transportation for Child and Youth in Care

The Transportation Services for Children and Youth primarily serves children and youth from birth to 18 years who are in the care of the Ministry. These children and youth may have experienced adverse life events including trauma, neglect, abuse and/or separation and loss. We have created a centralized referral system to ensure for proficient service delivery, and matching staff with the referral case based on the family’s needs.

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Child and Youth Special Needs: Life Skills Development Program

This program, offered in collaboration with Community Ventures Society, provides one-to-one support for children and youth with special needs aged 6-18 in the Tri-Cities area. Our goal is to improve on life and social skills, as well as connect children and youth with community support and resources..

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Pre-Teen Outreach Program

This program supports children ages 10-12 who are engaged in problematic behaviour such as criminal activities, substance abuse, and other forms of high-risk behaviour. Together with a WFC worker, pre-teens create realistic goals and learn strategies to minimize high-risk behaviour and develop life skills.

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